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As pioneers in the development of CNC routers and laser engraving we have seen a lot of progression. One thing that was clear to us was to never rest on our laurels and to constantly push both hardware, software and finishing techniques to make our products unique. Now, over a decade later we are proud to announce our own LazOre product line of Creative Metal Imagery.

LazOre is a technically advanced process of cold spraying a true metal finish(SmartOre) that is seamless and add an artistically applied patina over laser etched imagery that creates a look that is unparallel in the graphics industry.

The final look is unlike anything ever seen.  Fine detail with dimension in metal.  Not the look of acid etched metals, not the look of plain laser etching.  But a timeless appearance of aged metal that gains its contrast by a craftsman applied finish and natural dimensional shadows.  Indoor or outdoor the product is extremely durable and as vandal and weather resistant as any product out today.
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Our proprietary process of combining laser etching with our unique SmartOre finish was developed and refined thru years of experimentation and research. The result is very unique to our studio.  The possibilities with in the museum and exhibit markets is endless. Timeless imagery in black and white and old line drawings lend themselves to this extraordinary process. However, taking color photos and converting them still have a wonderful effect.

Our research and development has also led into expanding the LazOre line into unique and "green"  ADA compliant wayfinding and identification systems.  We utilize recycled and environmentally friendly substrates.

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