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Smart Design is pleased to announce the arrival of its newest piece of advanced
graphic equipment.  The Large Format Laser Engraver not only expands
the size of laser products currently produced, but provides unparallel precision for detailed graphics, 3D output, near diamond polished finishes and the ability to cut and etch certain metals!
A new level of graphic display is now
available with our new large format
lasering abilities!
New  Large Format Laser Engraver Provides Unprecedented Detail and Much More!
Examples of highly detailed 3D laser possibilities
Our Laser Engraving Machine specializes in creating 3D images on a variety of materials. Our 3D engraving technology has opened new avenues for artwork to be displayed on woods, acrylics and even specialty materials.
Laser Cut Stainless Steel
Laser Cut Cast Acrylic
Large Format Etching
Our new machine will cut certain metals like stainless steel up to 1/8" thick with incredible detail and smooth edges. Thick cut cast acrylic with flame polished edges are a snap!

We now have the ability to create stunning large format etchings on a variety of materials from wood to acrylic to granite and much more!

Call us today with the specifications of your next project or drop us a line and request one of our sample kits!